Happiness Mécénat

Happiness Insight is recruiting happy mecenat to participate in the process of creating a happier Korean society and culture.

Mecenat is derived from the name of Maekenas, who greatly contributed to the protection of literary arts as the prime minister of the ancient Roman Empire, and now means that companies contribute to society, the country, and the region through cultural and artistic support.

Happiness Insight is used for projects to increase Korea's happiness index through happiness message or donations.

So far, 00 companies have participated in the Happiness Mecenat and sponsored the Happiness Insight.

If you participate as a happy mecenat, you will receive the following benefits

Join the Happiness Network

By joining the Happiness Network, we provide networking opportunities with companies that have participated as happiness mecenat.

Happiness Counseling and Mentoring

We support psychological counseling and mentoring to solve psychological and emotional difficulties to companies and individuals who participated as happiness mecenat.

Invitation to Happiness Insight

Every year, we provide tickets to companies and individuals who participated in the invitation to enter Happiness Insight offline as a mecenat.

Promoting the image of social contribution

In the case of Mecenat, a company that participated as a happy Mecenat, we always expose the promotional logo to promote the image of a socially contributing company.

Mecenat, a company that gave you happiness

They are sponsoring companies that have taken the lead in raising the happiness index of the Republic of Korea with their valuable donations.

Happy Korea Making Project Please be the Messena of Happiness Insight.

Inquiry on the sponsorship of Happy Mecenat.

Secretariat of Happiness Insights

Tel : 070-4239-6821
Email : happiness.insight1@gmail.com

Sponsorship account

Bank of Busan


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