About Happiness Insight

About HappinessInsight

Introducing Happiness Insight!

Korea's First Happiness Conference – Learn, Experience, and Connect to Happiness!

For the first time in Asia in 2017! Launched as Korea's first happiness conference, Happiness Insight is Korea's first happiness conference and is held every year to bring together psychiatric brain science and mindfulness celebrities to share their knowledge and insights about happiness with the Korean people.

What is the meaning of happiness? The dictionary definition of happiness refers to the of emotions and states that feel happy and happy because they are satisfied with their lives. Many people live their lives to be happy. However, most of them pass by without knowing what happiness we want and what values we pursue and live. Happiness Insight is the first happiness conference in Korea that started with the idea that ‘study’ are needed for happiness in 2017 and entered its 6th year this year.

Among the global happiness index statistics for 2022, Korea's happiness index ranked 36th among 38 OECD countries, the lowest. Although South Korea is the world's 10th largest economy, the National Happiness Index is in the bottom 1% of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), so it is time for an international convention specializing in happiness in the current trend of continuing to decline over the past three years after the COVID-19 pandemic.

2023 Happiness Insight, a Korean happiness project led by corporate and individual Messena, will contribute to the Busan tourism MICE industry by increasing the participation rate of overseas participants by building a mind pool program and a representative Korean happiness and recreation platform in Busan, the best resort city, and will enhance its image as a healing city and create urban branding by holding happiness insights.



Prominent scholars and leaders

Talk about the value of happiness

Happiness Message

Brain science, psychology,
humanities, etc
I will interpret and deliver happiness
in the field.

Happiness Talk Show

We have prepared a talk show to tell
people who want to know happiness
about various happiness lives.

Mindfulness Workshop

We have prepared an online and
offline mindfulness workshop where
beginners can learn easily and follow along.

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